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Live AMA with CoinFlex CEO Mark Lamb

Live AMA with CoinFlex CEO Mark Lamb
In: Bitcoin Cash, Exchanges, Interviews, SmartBCH, Videos Mark Lamb approached me and asked if I would host an AMA on my YouTube regarding the ongoing situation at CoinFlex, who disabled user withdrawals on June 23rd. According to Mark he wants to give as much detail and clarity to customers as possible, about what CoinFlex are doing to return customer funds. Viewers should note that I am a customer of CoinFlex with significant funds caught up in this mess. I will not hesitate in asking Mark all the tough questions live, unfiltered and where he cannot run and hide. You can ask questions in the livestream chat or submit them to me in advance if you can’t make it to the livestream. Contact me on telegram @haydenotto or by emailing TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 5:10 When will customers be able to withdraw more funds? 8:20 When will CoinFlex publish their balance sheets? 11:05 Why would anyone want to purchase rvUSD? 15:08 What is the benefit for depositors who receive equity in CoinFlex and can they sell it? 18:24 Why does Roger Ver dispute CoinFlex’s allegations against him? 24:04 Will CoinFlex be providing hard evidence to substantiate the claims they have made? 27:25 When will the SmartBCH funds be released? 33:29 Why were SmartBCH funds not segregated from the rest of CoinFlex exchange despite previous claims they were? 36:00 What is the legal justification for SmartBCH funds being held hostage when CoinFlex is not filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy? 37:54 How will Hop.Cash customers be compensated since they are not directly CoinFlex customers and potentially even U.S. residents? 39:52 How much of your equity are you giving up to creditors? 40:54 Were CoinFlex investors aware of the non-liquidation agreements? 42:00 Did CoinFlex complete an unannounced funding round prior to the withdrawal freeze? 43:15 Will CoinFlex take the SmartBCH gas fees that are meant to be burnt? 45:58 SmartBCH user complaining about having to bail out CoinFlex customers 48:07 Was kind of agreement was made with SmartBCH developers when CoinFlex began facilitating the bridge? 48:55 How many CoinFlex employees were let go and what roles were they? 51:25 Will FlexUSD repeg to $1? Is rvUSD a replacement for FlexUSD now? 56:52 If CoinFlex wins the legal battle, how will Roger be forced to pay the debt if they don’t have physical assets? 59:00 If we buy rvUSD and Roger wins, will we owe him money? What is CoinFlex’s plans in the event of loss in court. 1:01:29 SmartBCH user pleads with Mark to return the SmartBCH funds 1:04:20 Is Saint Kitts within the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Arbitration Court? 1:06:30 If CoinFlex receives a buy offer that stipulates Mark and Sudhu leave, would you be willing to sell? 1:08:42 When can we expect the SmartBCH bridge to be active again, given the low probability of a bank run? 1:12:40 Conclusion 1:13:10 Invitation to Roger Ver  
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