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The Best SmartBCH Bridge

The Best SmartBCH Bridge
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Hey guys got a really quick video for you all today. I just wanted to show you all what i think is now undoubtedly the best SmartBCH bridge that is available at this point in time. Back in December I did make a video about SmartBCH bridges, explaining what they were and showing you how to use it, but I would say that is now outdated as something better has come along. For those of you who don’t know, a bridge is basically the tool that facilitates the transfer of Bitcoin Cash from the main chain onto the SmartBCH sidechain. The new one that is available is called the MIST bridge, and this is a page on the MISTswap DEX.

It’s just way quicker to get your money in or out of SmartBCH, not only that but the killer feature here is that you can actually send funds from other cryptocurrencies to SmartBCH itself and in the opposite direction as well. For example, from SmartBCH over to say Binance Smart Chain or over to Ethereum. There’s like 20 different options I believe, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Bitcoin. If we click onto Ethereum you’ll see that in the ‘you send’ section, it’s got another drop down menu where it brings up even more options. These are tokens that are on the Ethereum network like Tether, USDC, it’s even got Sushi. There’s many different options to pick from and that’s the same on other coins as well. I’ve now selected Binance Smart Chain and by default it’s got BNB, but in the drop down menu now we’ve got BUSD, which is the Binance stablecoin and USDC, so that’s pretty cool. I have prepared a wallet with BNB in it which I will use to demonstrate how easy it is to move the funds over from other chains onto SmartBCH.

So, I’ve got a SmartBCH wallet connected to MISTswap, obviously that’s the first step. If i go into the other browser here you can see that I’m on Binance Smart Chain and I’ve got a Binance Smart Chain wallet with an amount of BNB in it. So let’s just say I want to send 0.78 BNB, I’ll copy that and I’ll put that into the ‘you send’ field here and then it says in return I’m going to get 0.975 BCH. I’ll click bridge BNB, sign from the wallet, and it says that you have to send that 0.78 amount to this address. Copy that to the clipboard, go back over here and paste the address in. Enter 0.78 BNB and confirm. It will send through in a few seconds while we wait, but now might be a good time to explain how this has been pulled off by the MISTswap team in the back-end.

Basically SideShift.AI, it’s a cool website that allows you to swap coins so basically you can send for example BNB in my case and receive Bitcoin Cash. Then it goes through Hop.Cash, which is a cool bridging service, and once one confirmation is received for that Bitcoin Cash transaction they send you the Smart BCH coins. This is what’s really going on in the back-end and they’ve made it really intuitive here with this interface. If you’re an average user, you don’t even need to know any of that information. All you need to know is it sends one coin and you get another, and in this case I sent BNB on the Binance Smart Chain and I got Bitcoin Cash on the SmartBCH sidechain.

While i was explaining that, something has happened here. The funds have arrived in the destination, so I’ll close that down and you can see here actually my SmartBCH wallet balance has already appeared. That was really quick, like maybe two minutes max, it’s that simple. So yeah I just wanted to share that little bit of knowledge with you guys and I hope you find it useful. I know it’s definitely going to be a game changer in that it provides people on other chains with the opportunity to move into SmartBCH really easily. Once the word gets out, it could very well explode. We’ll see what happens. The tools are now out there and they’re available for everyone to come and try. It’s made our lives all easier in the fact that it’s just a better user experience than previous options in bridging, so i’d like to thank the MISTswap development team and also the guys for what you’ve been able to put together here and yeah if you guys found this information useful please leave me a thumbs up, also go and subscribe. I’ll catch you in the next video!

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