Roger Ver Reveals the Truth About the CoinFlex Collapse and Mark Lamb

Roger Ver gives his version of events regarding the collapse of CoinFlex, highlighting the mismanagement, manipulation, and deceit by its founder Mark Lamb. We were also joined by crypto lawyer, Daniel Kelman, who acts for Roger and
Roger Ver Reveals the Truth About the CoinFlex Collapse and Mark Lamb
In: Interviews

00:00 Introduction and Background
02:22 Recap of CoinFlex's Side of the Story
05:15 Roger's Side of the Story
09:48 Manipulation of Voting and Mark Lamb's Lies
14:50 Dilution of Equity and Deception
16:20 Mark's Misrepresentations from Court
18:28 Settlement and Failure to Clear Roger's Name
20:18 CoinFlex Creditor Group and Mark Withholding Evidence
23:48 Why Mark Refused to Close Roger's Long Position
30:14 Coordinated Effort to Trade Against Roger
31:50 Mark Lamb's Deception of Creditors
33:18 Stealing the SmartBCH Funds
36:13 Understanding the Motivations of CoinFlex's Creditor Group
39:00 How Mark Gained Roger's Trust
41:05 Mark's Misrepresentations About His Relationship With Roger
Conclusion and Unresolved Issues

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