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Bitcoin Cash Logo Light | Launch Trailer

Bitcoin Cash Logo Light | Launch Trailer
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Light up your home, office or store with this Wi-Fi controlled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) logo light! The free WLED app enables control of the ‘B’ and the outer ring independently of each-other and you can select your preferred colour combination as well as hundreds of different lighting animation presets. Get yours at This is the first physical NFT on SmartBCH! Each unit is serialized and made personally be me, Hayden Otto. As such, they will be linked to an NFT token on the SmartBCH network that serves as a certificate of authenticity. This identifying information is also displayed on a stainless steel plate, affixed to the rear of the light. The proceeds from sales of the logo light are intended to fund my YouTube channel operations. If you enjoy my work, purchasing this product is a win for us both.
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