Avalanche Interview With Emin Gün Sirer Goes Off The Rails

Avalanche Interview With Emin Gün Sirer Goes Off The Rails
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Yesterday I conducted an interview with special guest, Emin Gun Sirer of Ava Labs, and it ended quite abruptly. When I asked him questions about recent progress in the Avalanche ecosystem, he repeatedly said, “that’s a good question” and he was all happy chappy. But as soon as I asked Emin about an article published in the last week that had made compelling accusations regarding the Avalanche bridge, he became all defensive and accused me of orchestrating the whole interview to confront him about this issue. Make of this as you will, but his claims against me couldn’t be further from the truth. I own Avalanche in my portfolio, so why would I want to intentionally hurt it? Secondly, I requested an interview with him on the 29th of April, which he agreed to on the same day, and the article I questioned him about was published on May 20th which is some 3 weeks later. Personally, I felt things became extremely awkward after the way Emin responded to my questions regarding this. So, I sent him an email and DM on Twitter, offering him a second opportunity to properly address the concerns I raised so that he may conduct himself better. This offer has gone ignored 72 hours at the time of publishing this video, and thus what you are about to see is the original uncut recording.

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